For Calgary City Council — Ward 11

Janet Eremenko



Working together to go further, I want to be your next Councillor and a progressive voice on City Council.


JE-SWP-icon.pngSee what's possible.

"Janet and I have worked together on many events that she has initiated and led; I have found her to deliver a clear concise message on issues that affect the Poverty Community in Calgary. She has a quiet effective Leadership that shows in her work and passion. I am a Community Advocate and Ally for the most vulnerable in Calgary and I know Janet will have my interests and those of my friends and colleagues in mind as Councillor in Ward 11."

— Hilary Chapple, Community Advocate

Request a lawn sign today

We are using "Poly Bag" signs.  They use less plastic, are cost-effective and easy to carry while out in Ward 11 communities.  We could use the conventional hard plastic signs most candidates use, but if we can save money and consider the environment while achieving the same results, why not? Just a small example of seeing what's possible.



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    Arena Negotiations

    Since it is an issue of importance to many of you and I’m hearing about it a lot, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on a new Flames arena: What’s a good deal for Calgary? How do we get there?
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    Why I'm Running

    I’m running for Councillor because I think I’d be good at the job.  I’m offering the constituents of Ward 11 a measured, balanced approach to the role. We live in an exceptional city, and I want to keep it that way.  I’m not running to fix what isn’t broken.
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    Ward 11 Neighbourhoods

    I get asked a lot about the new ward boundaries for Ward 11.  The ward changes effective this election mean many Calgarians who have voted in Ward 11 for a long time will now be voting in another ward, and vice versa.   
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