Janet Eremenko calls on all candidates to attend community forums

After candidates failed to show up to forums, one missing two in a row, Janet is calling on all Ward 11 candidates to attend the remaining forums. “As a Mom to young children, I know that things can come up, but I feel strongly that we as candidates have a duty to allow the voters to compare our platforms, our values, and our ideas, says Janet. “The best way to do that is at community forums where candidates all attend and speak.”

Photo via Calgary Journal, Kyra Bird.


After attending all community forums and debates held so far, Janet is happy to be the first candidate to commit to attend all community forums and debates. “Residents of Ward 11 deserve a Councillor who will show up for them. I have said throughout the campaign that how we act now is a good indicator of how we will act as your Councillor. And as your Councillor I will be there to listen and to advocate for you. The best way to do that is to hear directly from you.”

In addition to attending forums, Janet launched an innovative online tool that allows residents from across the Ward to add to her to do list. They can identify transit routes that would be helpful, issues with roadways, and add community events where they can interact with their neighbours. “This is all tied to one fundamental value for me, as Ward 11 Councillor I want to give residents a number of ways to connect with me. I won’t hide, I won’t favour communities that are more supportive, I won’t take only the easy meetings. I will represent all residents. Ward 11 deserves no less.”