Cycle Track Support

Calgarians for Cycle Tracks reached out to my campaign amongst many others to determine if I am in support of the cycle track network.  I'm sorry I missed the deadline for the submission of responses, because I am absolutely in support of cycle tracks and bike lanes, and I made sure to include bike lanes in my platform we released in August.  My team has reached out to Calgarians for Cycle Tracks in apology for missing the chance to participate in the published survey.  We're waiting for a response, but in the meantime, wanted to share my replies here.

1. Do you support extending the downtown Cycle Track Network to provide safe connections by bike to more communities in Calgary? 

Yes, I support extending the Cycle Track Network.  They are proven to significantly improve the experience of cyclists and invite more people to travel by bike.  I welcome future routes and extensions that should be created based on user-demand and community input.  Part of this consultation should include identification of areas within the network that are confusing for cyclists and/or drivers.  Additional public awareness might be required, and a review of unclear or challenging intersections could inform future routes, signage and design of physical barriers or painted lanes.

2.    Do you support addressing gaps in safe bicycle infrastructure in more communities in your ward by building bike lanes and cycle tracks?

Yes.  Safety should be the number one reason we create bike lanes and cycle tracks.  I live in a community with bike lanes running down the shoulder in both directions of a main route.  It is used frequently by community members, kids going to and from school, and my 6-year old daughter is a big fan.  In this case, bike lanes do in fact make for a safer cycling.  However, I am frequently in another community with bike lanes that are confusing and unclear.  They meander in and out of the shoulder and drivers are often uncertain about where they should be.  This uncertainty raises the risk for all users of the road and therefore education needs to be central in this process.  Additionally, when the overall rate of speed decreases, the safer the space is for everyone.  I support the reduction of residential speed limits to 40 km/hr and the implementation of innovative traffic calming measures on residential streets.  This makes it safer for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.