AlDuerr.jpg "As a former mayor and alderman, I understand how important balanced, thoughtful leadership is in City Council. I support candidates who understand both the opportunities and challenges Calgarians in a diverse area like Ward 11 are facing. On October 16th, I encourage all Calgarians to vote for a representative who cares deeply about people and will bring a collaborative, transparent, and progressive voice to City Council."

- Al Duerr, Mayor of Calgary (1989-2001)

JohnRook.jpg"I live in Ward 11 and have known Janet for years. She is the candidate running for City Council who really gets it. She understands this city, the communities on which it's built and the perspectives of the people who live there. Janet has the track record of valuing and leading true community engagement and she supports our city's most vulnerable. Believing that we can make a meaningful difference when we work together, Janet will be the balanced, progressive voice we need on City Council."

- Dr. John Rook, Ward 11 resident

"Janet and I have worked together on many events that she has initiated and led; I have found her to deliver a clear concise message on issues that affect the Poverty Community in Calgary. She has a quiet effective Leadership that shows in her work and passion. I am a Community Advocate and Ally for the most vulnerable in Calgary and I know Janet will have my interests and those of my friends and colleagues in mind as Councillor in Ward 11."

- Hilary Chapple, Community Advocate

Alexa.jpg "I've known Janet for almost 10 years and we worked together for four of those years. When I found out she was running for City Council in my ward, I immediately asked her what I could do to help. And not because Janet and I agree on every issue - quite the contrary - we often have healthy, passionate debate about the issues. I know this is how she will treat every single constituent; with the respect we deserve and with careful consideration of our views. I'm proud to support Janet and hope you'll join me Ward 11!"

- Alexa, Haysboro resident

TheBaillys.jpg"We have known Janet for many years, and as residents of Haysboro I can't think of a better person to represent the best interest of our community. She has always been thoughtful, considerate, energetic and involved. And she listens. Janet Eremenko will be a terrific representative for all of us and deserves your support."

- Bob and Cathryn Bailly, Haysboro residents

"As Windsor Park residents and parents of two young children, we encourage everyone in Ward 11 to vote for Janet Eremenko on October 16th. We want Calgary to be a city our kids can be proud of; and we need a champion in City Council who can collaborate to bring about the positive, innovative change needed to keep up in a changing world. Janet will be a leader who understands the importance of long-term planning and will think about the future we're creating for the next generation."

David and Katie Epstein, Windsor Park residents

AndreaLlewellyn.jpg"The more I learn about her, the more I love Janet Eremenko as a candidate! I've been receiving the Vibrant Communities Calgary - VCC newsletter for about 3 years now. The updates are important to me because they keep me in touch with our status as a city, and how we can make a meaningful impact. As a graduate of development studies, it is one way I keep a pulse on Calgary's development issues. As part of our long-term economic strategy as a city, we need to consider the root causes of poverty, particularly in our efforts to diversify and build a city that can be resilient in times of economic downturn. It gives me hope that someone, as educated and engaged in our city's well-being as Janet is, could be the next City Councillor of Ward 11. So I guess this is my official endorsement for Ward 11. If you want to touch base with Janet, and give her your feedback, add to her To-Do List!"

- Andrea Llewellyn, Small Business Owner and Community Leader

Will you endorse?