Donor list

Happy to share my list of amazing donors. We didn't want to release this list early and miss some last-minute donations.  Thank you to those who gave their time and talent to see what's possible!   Continue reading

On the economy

A recent article in the Calgary Herald by business commentator Deborah Yedlin called on the candidates and our next city council to be bold when thinking about Calgary’s economic recovery and future prosperity. “This year is a vote for the city’s future” she said. I couldn’t agree more. Continue reading

Politics in the Park with Calgary Metro

Happy to chat with Calgary Metro about my vision for Ward 11. Check out the video!   Continue reading

Cycle Track Support

Calgarians for Cycle Tracks reached out to my campaign amongst many others to determine if I am in support of the cycle track network.  I'm sorry I missed the deadline for the submission of responses, because I am absolutely in support of cycle tracks and bike lanes, and I made sure to include bike lanes in my platform we released in August.  My team has reached out to Calgarians for Cycle Tracks in apology for missing the chance to participate in the published survey.  We're waiting for a response, but in the meantime, wanted to share my replies here. Continue reading

Let’s make our roads safer!

There are a handful of issues that are getting mainstream coverage this election; the economy, infrastructure, the arena.  There are other issues that come up at community forums like planning and development and supporting Community Associations.  But if there is one thing that comes up the most at the doors, it’s road safety. Continue reading

Why Ward 11?

I decided to run for public office because I have a skill set and a vision for my city that I think will serve all Calgarians.  I’ve been a community advocate and a professional in stakeholder engagement on behalf of Calgarians, not political interest.  But why Ward 11? Continue reading

I support the SW BRT

I fully support the SW BRT. The SW has been underserved by transit and it’s desperately needed, especially for the students at MRU. I am fully in support of investments in public transit and my commitment is even in my platform. I believe that public transit is a cornerstone of a city our kids can be proud of. But here’s the thing, today, my name appeared next to a big red X claiming I would not support the SW BRT as approved. Here’s my full answer to that question, as asked by Calgarians for BRT: Continue reading

Listen to Janet on CJSW

"More than ever the City needs a collaborator, someone who can sift through the noise and the grandstanding and move forward on common ground"  Listen to the full Ward 11 forum online.    Continue reading