Janet is seeking direct feedback as Councillor

“I want to renew Calgarians' faith in City Hall”

Janet's to-do list

 Janet wants to engage directly and cut through empty campaign rhetoric. 

She doesn't want to “take back City Hall” or make empty promises that she can't keep. Ward 11 candidate Janet Eremenko is showing how she would engage Ward 11 residents and all Calgarians as their Councillor.

Janet has launched an interactive map on janeteremenko.ca, asking residents to compile “To-Do List” for her as Councillor. The map allows residents to mark their favourite spots within a community, areas that need improvement, and add transportation routes that would or could make life better. There is even a beer mug icon for ideas which relate to meeting your neighbours and connecting with community.

“I want to renew Calgarians' faith in City Hall. No one knows communities better than the people who live there, and as your Councillor I will provide an opportunity to create thriving neighbourhoods by addressing your feedback directly” she said. Since the ward boundaries were re-drawn, many residents are apartment dwellers: meeting them at the door is more difficult. “I’ve been door knocking for months, and have had many people say that politics often feels like a one-way street. The Councillor only listens when convenient for them. Or the candidate is so engaged with special interest groups that they won’t listen to everyday Calgarians.”

Janet has many years of practice when it comes to engagement and ensuring everyone is included. She has been with Vibrant Communities Calgary for nearly a decade, working to ensure diverse voices were heard and understood. She herself admits that online engagement isn’t for everyone, “that’s why we’re at the doors. We will use every tool possible to make sure Calgarians have their voices heard.”

Visit janeteremenko.ca to have your say on the issues that are important to you and your family.