What's Possible in Calgary?

At our Campaign Launch, we asked attendees what they thought was possible for Calgary.  Here's my take on what we heard:

  • Encourage economic diversification (JE: Not an easy task, but perhaps the most critical issue our city is facing.  We need leadership and frank conversations about the future of our city, not partisanship and ideology.)
  • LRT @ MRU (JE: The opportunity to bring the LRT to Mount Royal University may have passed, but the Southwest BRT will get you there.) 
  • Municipal self-driving public transit fleet (JE: Autonomous vehicles will bring tremendous change to our city and the ways we get around.  See the minutes from a recent meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation & Transit)
  • Expand the library system e.g., tool library, game library, party supplies, ... (JE: Great ideas to support a sharing economy!)
  • More voice.  Listen to the public (JE: My current job title is "Community Facilitation and Engagement Specialist".  A little wordy, I know, but a skill set I don't intend to lose as Councillor.)
  • Pathways for commuters.  We need more 'safe' places for bikes (JE: We have an incredible recreational pathway system, but bikes aren't just for recreation.  They are a legitimate, alternative mode of transportation.  I support cycle tracks.)
  • More $ for the arts (JE: This is part of what makes our city vibrant and world-class.  Let's be sure we can share local talent with each other and the world)
  • More LRT lines (JE: I'd like to ask the writer of this comment if they'd like more LRT lines or perhaps a longer Green Line.  With the city's planned BRT network and the Green Line, we will have made a significant step in making Calgary a far more efficient place to travel by public transportation)
  • Help Council understand tourism as more than just [the] Stampede (JE: Absolutely!  The Stampede is 10 days of the year, and an essential part of Calgary's tourism sector.  But it certainly isn't the only one.  I'm encourage by Tourism Calgary taking an assertive and proactive campaign to share Calgary's talent and treasure)
  • More walkable neighbourhoods to work, play, retail (JE: I think this could be one of the most important mitigating strategies to keep neighbourhoods economically viable, socially inclusive and affordable as our city adjusts to a new economic reality)

We had a wonderful contingent of kids at the Campaign Launch.  A few comments from our youngest supporters:

  • Be nice to each other.  For example: don't fight. (JE: I tell my kids all the time it's not how we resolve things!)
  • I want everybody to be nice to each other (JE: I couldn't agree more)

Thank you!  To everyone who took the time out of a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon to join me this past weekend, thank you for your support.  With it, we'll see what's possible.