Why I'm Running

I’m running for Councillor because I think I’d be good at the job.  I’m offering the constituents of Ward 11 a measured, balanced approach to the role. We live in an exceptional city, and I want to keep it that way.  I’m not running to fix what isn’t broken.

I’m running for Councillor because I have a skill set that would serve the constituents of Ward 11.  I’m an advocate, a collaborator and a facilitator.  I have diverse and extensive work and education experience.  I am not a career politician, but rather someone who has worked in many industries and sectors, most recently in the non-profit sector and previously in Employee Relations for a large corporate firm.  What spans across my varied CV is a commitment to people-centred service and a lot of hard work.

I care deeply about people.  I am a moderate, not because I sit on the fence, but because I almost always can see both sides of an issue.  Eventually, a decision has to be made on any one of the thousand of issues that will cross my desk as Councillor, and I will commit to making those decisions with as much consideration and stakeholder input as required.  

Seeing both sides of an issue doesn’t mean I don’t stand for things or that I won’t fight for you.  My responsibility, and that of all Councillors, is to their constituents and the city as a whole.  Not an easy task to be sure, but one that can be met with authentic community engagement, integrity and an open-mind.