Why Ward 11?

I decided to run for public office because I have a skill set and a vision for my city that I think will serve all Calgarians.  I’ve been a community advocate and a professional in stakeholder engagement on behalf of Calgarians, not political interest.  But why Ward 11?

I was born and raised in Calgary’s southwest and my husband and I love raising our two daughters in the ward.  While we are now in Lakeview, we started our family in the inner city. Throughout the ward, there are incredible parks and pathways, established communities with engaged residents and a lot of terrific schools.  When I decided to run, it didn’t feel right to run anywhere but in this part of town that I know so well.

No one knows their neighbourhood quite like the people who live there, and though certainly communities change over time, the investment, the character and many of the neighbours stay the same.  So I remember spending time at the Southwood Library after school or going to Heritage park as a kid.  I remember getting stuck at the c-train station because the buses had stopped running and there was no way to get home!  But most importantly, I remember growing up on streets that felt safe and where neighbours were welcoming.  

We can still leave these same impressions with the next generation even though Calgary has grown so much.  The more I consider my Thriving Neighbourhoods policy pillar, the more I see that it is trying to create a village within the big city.  Where the grocery store was also the coffee shop and meeting place.  Where people take their time on the roads because the kids walking to school are their neighbours.  Where there is diversity in homes, uses and transportation options because this is how communities stay vibrant despite changes in demography and economy.

I am running in Ward 11 because I believe it is where I can best make a difference as a progressive, effective, and balanced Councillor.

For more information on Thriving Neighbourhoods, see my platform.